Hack password bios Dell 1F5A không cần tháo máy

Hack password bios Dell 1F5A không cần tháo máy. 1f5a 1d3b dell e6XXX SERIES solution for 1F5A bios to override master password. You have to downgrade bios to A14 using this method: use E6400A14.exe BIOS and with CMD line in windows create .HDR file "E6400A14.EXE /writehdrfile" now the file E6400A14.hdr copy to pendrive. Take battery and power cord out, plug in usb. Hold END while you plug in power cord and release END when battery LED light start. If battery LED light blinks red/blue it should be flashing - wait till laptop restart. Now you have A14 BIOS and 1F5A change to 2A7B and online generator works for me. Type password, hold RIGHT CTRL, then ENTER. Try different USB ports and PENDRIVES. -------------------------ftp://ftp.dell.com/bios/ OR -------------------------http://ftp.us.dell.com/bios/ E6400A14.EXE /writehdrfile

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